Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Outgoing :(

It's always sad to see missionaries leave us, but at the same happy for them for completing their service to the Lord honorably. We are grateful for the service that these young men gave to help build the Kingdom of God in Papua New Guinea.

Elder Paulus returns to Goroka(PNG)

Elder Tamihana returns to New Zealand(Auckland)

Elder Judah returns to Kilakila(PNG)

Elder Hure returns Kilakila(PNG)

Elder Kauri returns to Sabama(PNG)

Elder Latu returns to Tonga

Elder Mauigoa returns to Samoa

Elder Memea returns to Samoa

Elder Stowers returns to Samoa

Elder Fiu returns to Samoa

Elder Tauira returns to Tahiti

Elder Asuafi returns to Samoa

New Britain and Highlands Zone Conference

Rabaul Zone
Back Row: Elders Peni(DL), Mamata, Timu(ZL) Ramo, Iva, Sauvao(ZL), Arnold, Kimbe
Front Row: Elder & Sister Tonumaipe'a, President & Sister Kaufusi
Rabaul Zone Elders at dinner
Elder Rakausolo outside the Kulau Lodge

Desert at the Kulau Lodge with Elder and Sister Tonumaipe'a 
Back Row: Elders Au(ZL), Fepulea'i, Daun, Garoau, Kapalu
Front Row: Sister & Elder Tonumaipe'a, President & Sister Kaufusi, Elders Bourne(ZL), Grai
Sydney connection. Elder Fepulea'i with Elder and Sister Tonumaipe'a 

Minj District Conference

Highlands Zone
It has been the greatest blessing to have traveled around the mission and being with the Elder's as we held our zone conferences. New Britain Zone and the Highlands Zone were the last two zone conferences held this year. What a great time that we had with the Elder's, sharing experiences and helping each other in moving the work of the Lord forward here in Papua New Guinea. God Bless.

Minj District Conference

Just last week President Kaufusi presided over the Minj district conference where over thousands of members and non-members attended. The main focus for the two day conference was on families and how the members can strengthen their families, starting with the priesthood. During the priesthood session of the conference Sisters Kaufusi and Tonumaipe'a were hard at work training the sisters of the Relief Society, helping them in anyways possible.

District conference was held under a HUGE tent.

Bilu Branch youth choir.

President and Sister Kaufusi

4 pigs for after the conference feast, 2 were eaten the day before


Back Row: Elders Rome, Tago, Garoau,
Front Row: Elders Daun, Fepulea'i, Grai, Timu, Au, Kapalu

Sister Tonumaipe'a shares a photo with some of the Young Women

Elder Tonumaipe'a
One of the highlights were the 6 pigs that the District president prepared for his district members and Mission President to eat after the conference was over.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Around The Mission

Photos from around the mission ! A quick look at what's been happening around the mission.

While in Popendetta, President and Sister Kaufusi with Elder Wakolo met some faithful
members who walked six hours from their village to attend the Oro District conference.

Local villagers in the Sepik River caught a small crocodile and the AP's got a feel of it.
Elder Rakausolo(Left) and Elder Tago(Right)
Elders Thomas, Tago and Rome holding the crocodile.
View from the hill that Elder Dallin H. Oaks Dedicated Papua New Guinea for the preaching of the Gospel
in 1980's
Another beautiful view.
The Australian Kangaroo's rugby league team were in town, and everybody went crazy at the airport.
The red bus is the Kangaroo's bus.
Elder Judah in his last flag raising ceremony before going home to be
released by his Stake President. Elders Hure and Tamihana at the back
raising their respective country flags.
Preparing an UMU for our departing missionaries.


From far left: Elder Hure, Elder Kauri, Elder Tamihana, Elder Judah, Elder Latu and Elder Paulus.

Hotel security with President Kaufusi
Magang/Lae district conference cake.

After the conference with Elder Fineanganofo on the far right.
Elder Tarati(middle) with the Kuriva district members. Elder Tarati is from Tahiti.

Kuriva district conference members travelled far in a PMV to come to the conference.

Leseilava Elders infront of their house