Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New Britain and Highlands Zone Conference

Rabaul Zone
Back Row: Elders Peni(DL), Mamata, Timu(ZL) Ramo, Iva, Sauvao(ZL), Arnold, Kimbe
Front Row: Elder & Sister Tonumaipe'a, President & Sister Kaufusi
Rabaul Zone Elders at dinner
Elder Rakausolo outside the Kulau Lodge

Desert at the Kulau Lodge with Elder and Sister Tonumaipe'a 
Back Row: Elders Au(ZL), Fepulea'i, Daun, Garoau, Kapalu
Front Row: Sister & Elder Tonumaipe'a, President & Sister Kaufusi, Elders Bourne(ZL), Grai
Sydney connection. Elder Fepulea'i with Elder and Sister Tonumaipe'a 

Minj District Conference

Highlands Zone
It has been the greatest blessing to have traveled around the mission and being with the Elder's as we held our zone conferences. New Britain Zone and the Highlands Zone were the last two zone conferences held this year. What a great time that we had with the Elder's, sharing experiences and helping each other in moving the work of the Lord forward here in Papua New Guinea. God Bless.

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